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CUSA election councillor results


  1. Amr Gafer (acclaimed)
  2. Erick Hanson (acclaimed)
  3. Aziz Khatib (acclaimed)
  4. Michal Luces (acclaimed)


  1. Andrew Nnensa (acclaimed)
  2. Maria St. Aubin (acclaimed)

Public Affairs

  1. Avery Bethel
  2. Dillon Black
  3. Gabrielle Castilloux
  4. Sarah McCue
  5. Alex Watson
  6. Sean White


  1. Joel Tallerico


  1. Andrew Kwai
  2. Gina Parker


  1. Matthew Couto


  1. Christian Belisle
  2. Kaylee Cameron
  3. Benjamin Diaz
  4. Vanessa Ebuka
  5. David MacMillian
  6. Ryan Marshall
  7. Deanna Walker

Computer Science

  1. Justin Campbell

Special Student

  1. James Sell (acclaimed)


  1. Iman Mohamed


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